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When I first discovered the world of iPhone it was back in 2008 at WWDC (Worldwide Developer Comference) in San Francisco. A buddy and I spent hours during sessions and after coming up with ideas for apps. Granted most of the ideas were not worth even trying but there were a few that we thought really hit the mark.

It was only after a few really really "dumb" apps came out and the developer's of those apps made a fortune that I got to thinking: "Would I sell out and just try and make a buck?". Could I make the next iFart? No way. I just couldn't.

Over the next 5 years I realized that the app store was truly a marketplace and I was NOT targeting the market. The majority of iPhone users WANTED iFart. I dug into the charts to see the top apps both free and paid and almost fainted. I was amazed by the amount of "quantity" apps out there that were atop the charts! And making money! And I was sitting back making hugely complicated (what I view as valuable) apps and barely scraping by.

I worked tirelessly as a contractor to fund my own projects. Days at a 9-5 and nights pounding keys to make truly wonderful apps (again, this is my opinion!).

I read articles from developers who are making a living building apps and the majority of them say "If it takes more than a week, its not worth making". They are simply building small apps and the more they build the more "quantity" of chances they have at amassing small fortunes.

This week I built an app called Calming Breath. It took about a day and a half, and it worked out really well. I am proud of the app and am going to make more. I cannot let go of the quality but will challenge myself to really focus on the market and push out quality apps in large quantities. (did I mention I live on Utopia?).

Happy Coding.

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